28 February 2020 ( 551 views )

Cat Tracks Down Her Rescuer At Senior’s Home

Dogs are well known for their love and loyalty, and when you read about this once-stray cat, you’ll see that cats are just as loving and just as loyal. Even though Cleo the cat was a stray and had not known human companionship as a young kitten, it’s clear that once she realized what it was like to be loved by a human, she was not willing to lose that love.

Not wanting to be separated from her elderly guardian, this determined cat tracked down her English owner to the care facility where she was staying.

The cat named Cleo belonged to senior Nancy Cowen and the pair first met 8 years ago when Cleo was a stray. But recently, Nancy left Cleo with her neighbors when she had to move to a care facility, the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser reported.

But that didn’t sit well with Cleo. Somehow, the remarkable cat traced Nancy to her new home at Bramley House and sat outside the front door.

For two weeks, Cleo slept outside the facility and staff fed and cared for her, unaware that the cat was on a mission to be reunited with her beloved human.

Nancy noticed one of the carergivers pick up the cat and she remarked that the cat looked very similar to her former cat, except that her cat had lost part of her tail in an accident. They were both surprised when they looked at the cat’s tail and noticed the exact same injury!

Nancy and Cleo are now happily reunited and everyone has marveled about Cleo’s adventure. She’s been welcomed into Bramley House and staff have said that Cleo will have a loving home for the rest of her life!

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