Dog Cannot Control His Excitement When His Dad Tells Him He Adopted A Kitten

89584 views20 March 2020
How many times have you wished your dog could talk?

They are our best friends and amazing listeners, so it is only natural that we would want to have a conversation with them. I bet they would have amazing insight and advice, if only we could understand what they are saying.

Some people have tried to invent devices that can decipher barks, but we still are not speaking the same language. For now, we will have to read body language and try to figure out what each noise means.
Screen Shot: Youtube/Talking Animals
Photo: Youtube/Talking Animals

This dog dad decided to take matters into his own hands. When he told his dog, Clyde, that he adopted a cat, Clyde started jumping around and making all sorts of sounds. He gave his dog a hilarious voice-over and turned it into a video that has gone viral.

He teases Clyde a little by telling him all the other animals that he was looking at.

“Yeah I looked at the mice”

Screen Shot: YouTube/Talking Animals

Clyde can barely contain his excitement and the conversation between them will have you laughing out loud. At one point, Clyde becomes impatient and says, “Oh, come on! You better get me a kitten or I am going to chew this couch’s arm right off!”

Then the cat meows, and the dog knows he has a new sister. The dog’s excitement is contagious.

Watch the full video Above. It is guaranteed to make you laugh

Source : Talking Animals

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