Dog Cries with Joy when She Sees Her Human for First Time in 2 Years

585 views 28 March 2020

Being away from home isn’t only hard on the person away. It can be incredibly difficult on our four-legged family members too. For Bailey, a Beagle-Coonhound mix, it was especially hard. One of her family members, Nathan Beck, was away on a Mormon missionary trip in Russia for two long years. During that time, Bailey would keep looking in Nathan’s room to see if he was there, according to Nathan’s dad.

So you can imagine Bailey’s excitement when Nathan comes through the door after 730 days away!


The moment the door opens to welcome Nathan home, Bailey lets out a howl of joy and jumps on Nathan the second he walks through the door.  She practically knocks him over with her nose butts! Watch their happy reunion in the video Above:

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