Dog Gently Catches Bird Trapped On Porch And Sets It Free

26352 views18 March 2020

Dogs are animals known for their compassionate natures and kind hearts. They can show kindness to their caregivers, complete strangers and creatures smaller than themselves in remarkable ways, like the dog who saves earthworms or puppy who shared his blanket with a stray dog. That’s what Gus the dog does when he sees a bird in need.

In the video below, Gus comes to the rescue of a bird that get trapped in his home. He manages to catch the stunned bird and gently carry it outside! Some dogs are trained to have “soft mouths” when it comes to carrying fowl, but it’s wonderful to see Gus use this technique to help carry a live bird to safety.

His human, Jennifer, wrote on YouTube:

“Over the years we’ve had several birds get trapped on the porch (the door is open during the day for the dogs). Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”

What an amazing thing for Gus to do. Watch him in action in the video below.

Source ; Youtube - Reshareworth

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