Dog Goes Off-Script During Obstacle Course Competition Causing Crowd To Crack Up

22597 views 23 March 2020
Have you ever watched dog competitions in person or on television? If so, you can tell these animals have gone through years of hard training. Depending on the event, some of the courses are incredibly difficult. So, when a dog completes it with success, you have to admire its abilities.

But…dogs will be dogs. That means even with a dedicated handler and lots of training, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. In some instances, the crowd gasps in horror when a pup messes up. Then there are times when people can’t stop laughing. That’s what happened during one competition in which a dog had the audience in stitches.

Lobo, a Siberian Husky, prepares to compete in an agility competition
A video that’s now been viewed just under one million times starts with Lobo getting ready for his turn in a 24-inch agility competition. Simply put, it’s for dogs that are no more than 24 inches at the withers. Hosted by the Westminster Kennel Club, taking on this course and winning is a big deal.

This is a tough course
As part of the competition, dogs have to show speed, agility, athleticism, and obedience. Although every course is unique, they usually consist of weave poles, jumps, see-saws, broad jump, tunnels, tire jumps, and more. Overall, these events put both the handler and the dog to the test.

Lobo and his handler, Adam Davis, are ready to go
After the announcer introduces the two, they take their place at the starting point. Lobo looks alert and makes his first jump with ease. But then it happened. Instead of focusing on all the obstacles left to tackle, he spotted the cameraman. He stopped for a second and then turned back around, heading to his handler.

Everyone’s surprised
Knowing that mistake is going to cost the duo points, the crowd lets out a gasp. Quickly, Davis gets the dog under control. Lobo takes the next three jumps flawlessly. But then he gets to the pole weaving and nope, he doesn’t want to do that either. You know the handler must feel frustrated but he maintains his composure.

Watch your speed
You hear the announcer say, “Lobo doesn’t seem too dialed into this tonight.” But then, the pup walks back over to the pole weaving. Keep in mind, dogs usually fly through this obstacle, which is what makes it so exciting to watch. Not Lobo. He slowly walks around each pole until reaching the last one. At that point, people in attendance can’t help but giggle.

He gets back on track…sort of
Lobo races over a slanted wall, through a tunnel, and he makes two more incredible jumps. Everyone watching is hoping he’s finally figured it out. That wasn’t going to happen. After the second jump, he notices the people in attendance. He then trots over to where the crowd’s seated. Hey, he’s a friendly dog so you can’t really blame him.

Now people are in hysterics
When he’s done snooping around, he heads back into the competition, over a jump, up and down a slide, and then over a tall wall. As he reaches a second slide, he stops briefly at the center, looking around. That’s when the announcer says, “Lobo’s going to be the crowd favorite — I can guarantee it.”

Okay, so Lobo didn’t give his best performance but I think the announcer’s right. When he finished the obstacle course, the crowd cheered. No matter how good or bad he did, the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with this gorgeous Husky.

For a good laugh, check out the video Above.

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