Polite Bulldog Looks Away During Movie Shower Scene – Loses His Cool When The Murderer Shows Up

777 views 26 March 2020

There are some truly awesome films that everyone should see at least once in their lifetimes.

And even animals can have a fun time sitting in front of these bona fide cinematic classics!

One owner recently shared a hilarious video of their bulldog’s reaction to the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, Psycho, and the internet has fallen in love with the funny pup.

It’s always amusing to see how animals react to movies and TV. Sometimes, they don’t seem all that interested in whatever you happen to be watching, but other times, they just can’t seem to look away!

Cats, dogs, and several other species have been spotted lazing around in front of the TV, and this bulldog named Khaleesi was totally stuck to the screen as one of the film’s most iconic scenes began to play.

If you haven’t seen Psycho, get ready for some spoilers! The shower scene is undoubtedly the film’s most thrilling moment. In this scene, the character of Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, is taking a shower when a shadowy figure approaches and stabs her to death.

It’s one of the best-known scenes in the whole of cinematic history and helped to make Psycho such a controversial hit at the time of its release.
In the most polite fashion Little Khaleesi watches peacefully until the shower starts to run, then turns her head. Then, she looks away from the screen for a moment, as though she knows that something terrible is about to happen.

We cover our children’s eyes during shower scenes and some of us look away. Even Khaleesi knew to give the lady on the screen a little privacy. She looks at her parent filming her like “umm, I’m not so sure she’s supposed to be showering in front me right now.”

As soon as the killer enters the scene, she can’t help peeking back at the screen.

Then, when the knife is revealed and Marion starts to scream, Khaleesi leaps into action! She suddenly dives up and charges towards the screen, barking angrily and trying to get the killer to back off!
It’s a super cute reaction as this brave bulldog stands up for the innocent victim, doing her best to try and save the day.

Unfortunately, despite Khaleesi’s best efforts, she can’t change the outcome of this terrible scene.

Eventually, as Marion’s body slowly slumps to the floor of the shower, Khaleesi gives up barking and sits back down, watching attentively as the film continues.

When the scene calms and the lady stops screaming, she doesn’t seem too upset about what happened and carries on watching as her amused owner films from the side of the room.

Tens of thousands of people have watched the clip so far, which was uploaded to the ‘Elvis and Khaleesi’ account, charting the antics of Khaleesi and her friendly bulldog sibling, Elvis.
Elvis was apparently too scared to watch Psycho and decided to hide in the kitchen during the shower scene, but Khaleesi was brave enough to sit through it. She deserves a lot of credit, and you can enjoy her super cute reaction in the clip above.

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