Talented Dog Sings Only To Hs Favorite Country Song

32349 views 28 March 2020
Every person has specific musical tastes. Some people have a wide variety of musical favorites and others only like one specific genre. Have you ever wondered if dogs are the same way? Do dogs care about music and if they do, do they have favorites?

Tank the American Bully is here to let you know dogs can have favorite music artists and songs too!

Tank the American Bully is an American Bulldog from Texas. He lives with his human mom and dad, Brin and Kyle. Brin is like any other great mom and knows her kid’s favorite musical artists. She recorded Tank listening and singing to his favorite song for the world to enjoy.

Tank is one American Bulldog that loves music, specifically Chris Stapleton.

Tank was hanging out with his mom on the couches. Tank was chewing on a toy and minding his own business. Brin asked her Alexa device to play a Cardi B song. The Alexa device turned on Cardi B’s “Look At Me.”

Tank dropped his toy immediately at the sound of music.

Tank looks around the room very curiously at the intro to the Cardi B song. It is clear that music peaks Tank’s interests, but this song does not seem to be his favorite. Instead of listening to the entire song, Brin cuts the Alexa device off and asks it to play another song.

Brin asks the Alexa device to play Christ Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.”

The moment the song starts something within Tank changes. This is Tank’s song and he feels it deeply from the very beginning. Tank starts to howl along with the song, like a person sings along to their favorite song. Tank is not afraid to show his mother how much he loves this song. Brin states,

“He will only sing to this song!!!”

Tank is not one to start singing and end it quickly. Tank “sings” along to the entire song. He does not only howl at his own pace, he is able to keep with the melody of the song too! This is one musical American Bulldog. Tank howls along to the song with such deep feeling that he could give Chris Stapleton a run for his money.

Tank does not only like the song, he feels the song.

After howling for a while Tank’s brother, Mack, must have gotten worried about his little brother. Mack comes to check on Tank and make sure everything is okay. Everything is better than ok, Tank is singing along to his favorite song and does not want to be interrupted.

Dog siblings are just like us, they have to check on each other, one cannot get mom’s full attention!

Brin uploaded Tank’s musical debut and it quickly went viral. She posted the video to her social media pages, including her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account. Since the video has gone viral, Tank has even gotten his own Instagram account!

Tank has become a singing sensation.

Millions of viewers have watched Tank sing along with Chris Stapleton. Some have stated,

“There is some real pain in those howls. Give Him extra belly scratches tonight!!”

“You could have the worst day ever and this would put a smile on anyone’s face.”

“I feel like we can all relate to his emotion in every ‘aroooooooooo’.”

Watch Tank’s fun doggy rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” in full right Above!
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